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Education and Philosophy


My Education

Trained  at the National Holistic Institute of Massage and Health Education in Los Angeles, California.
State Certified - CATMC
National Certification - NCBTMB
Certified Neuromuscular Therapist

Aroma Therapy
Pacific Institute of Aroma Therapy
(San Francisco)

Hospice Training
- Heart Touch Project in Los Angeles, Ca

CPR Certified

Continuing education

Manual Lymph Drainage

(Vodder Method)


About My Practice & Philosophy

 I enjoy working with a more specific clientele instead of the "general population".  Clients come to me for specific reasons so... a high attention to detail is important to have in a therapeutic practice that serves athletes, seniors & children.
I focus on new & old injuries and assist in keeping muscles 'pliable' after surgery and while you're in PT (physical therapy).
Once the muscles regain their pliability & flexibility...I introduce my clients to Pilates because it elongates and strengthens, improving muscle elasticity, tone and joint mobility.
IN ADDITION  My clients also enjoy full- body exfoliation with dry brushing or enjoy the benefits of manual lymph drainage sessions.


Experienced Knowledge

12 years working with children and adults from all over the Bay Area in Northern California in Half Moon Bay.

One Year attended Studio Pilates in Studio City.- Los Angeles, Ca

Currently - Continuing education in Pilates and working with those with skeletal and muscle issues.

What Is Neuromuscular Therapy & How To Maintain Your Result


What Is Neuromuscular Therapy?

 Neuromuscular Therapy is a deep tissue muscular therapy designed to offer very effective relief for muscular / skeletal pain symptoms due to chronic pain, injury, postural dysfunction, stress, stiffness, aging and fatigue.

The technique of neuromuscular therapy involves a precise micro stretching of each muscle involved in the condition you are suffering from.  No machines of any type are used. 

Only the human touch is used in this technique.
Suffering from pain more times than not involves the “deeper muscles” as the cause of the problem. Throughout your body, there are areas where muscles lay on top of each other, sometimes 3 or 4 deep in layer. The 3rd or 4th layer many times is the culprit. It may possess trigger point activity, hyper contraction (extreme tightness), and inflammation. When this muscle becomes tight due to injury, stress, etc., it is now programmed to stay tight to protect the bones from further injury or the muscle itself from tearing. The tendency will be to become tighter as time goes on simply because it doesn’t know to stop tightening. The muscles are attached to bones by their tendons. Many muscles overlap a joint (two bones attached) and as a injured / stressed muscle tightens, it begins to tug on the two bones (the joint), which leads to pain in the joint (a symptom of arthritis), limited range of motion of the joint, muscular pain, trigger point pain in the muscle, tendon inflammation (tendonitis), swelling. This scenario can occur anywhere in the body where two bones articulate ( joint).

When  Neuromuscular Therapy technique is applied to these “deeper muscles” the micro stretching which is very thorough begins to re-elongate these muscles and returns them to their full length, thus, removing the tug on the bones/joints and many times eliminating the inflammation and discomfort you were having. Range of joint motion always improves also.

When the human muscle/skeletal system is given the chance to unravel itself from a hyper contractive state, self healing is than given the opportunity to flush out the inflammatory toxicity. With this, wellness may be at hand. 

How To Maintain & Strengthen

 Depending on the severity of your  condition, NMT can typically take 
​ 3-10 sessions (sessions can be weeks  or months) to really reach the results  we both look for.

Once I see the muscles are truly "ready" to begin their journey back to strength...I introduce Pilates.

Pilates will help strengthen the weak areas. The moves are specifically targeted for your specific needs. These are not Pilates "classes" the emphasis here is the theraputic need to "target" areas that have been weak due to injury or post-surgery stiffness".

What is Pilates for rehabilitation? Is it the original or classical work touted by millions around the world as the best “ab–buster”? No. It is, however, the powerful and flexible environment that Pilates equipment can provide for clients with an ability to manipulate gravity and supply assistance to movement that might normally be too fatiguing to execute. It is also the combined principles of breathing, core strengthening, alignment, integration and spine articulation that offer an opportunity to re–align the body and mind. 

 Pilates can be manipulated to create a positive movement experience for special populations that cannot be over heated or fatigued (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Parkinson’s, ALS). The ability to modify a functional activity – like sit–to–stand, reaching, rotating, and walking within the Pilates environment – is key to a successful movement experience. The ability to grade difficulty using springs, levers, and gravity provides a continuum that can help patients reach their ultimate rehabilitation goal – the successful restoration of function. 


Additional Supportive Therapeutic Therapies

Body Brushing


 The mechanical action of dry brushing is wonderful for exfoliating dry winter skin. It also helps detoxify by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage. Dry brushing unclogs pores in the exfoliation process. It also stimulates your nervous system, which can make you feel invigorated afterward. 

Manual Lymph Drainage

 Forty years of scientific studies... MLD produces three major effects, all of which have been scientifically studied and confirmed:

Decongestive Effect - Any swelling of the body can be successfully treated with MLD (Manual Lymp Drainage) 

This enhanced drainage effect results in rapid decongestion and restoration of normal tissue condition.

Except cardiac and renal kidney edema.

Sympatholytic Effect - Can be very caliming which is good for those with high blood pressure issues and a calming effect on the nerves.

Analgesic Effect - Any prolonged pain, such as pain generated by migraine, accute injuries, fibromyalgia, etc, therfore is amoung the indications for lymph drainage. 

MLD also helps accelerate the transportation of bacteria and allergens to the places where the body's defense system is located (for example, the lymph nodes) and where the increased rate of lymphatic drainage heightens the sensitization of lymphocytes and macrophages. The latter can travel more rapidly via the blood flow to reach the "the scene of action" and intervene by phagocytosis ...which in turn...will improve immunization !






  • Linda does what many others claim to do, but usually fail
  • Properly done neuromuscular therapy (NMT) is   systematic and scientific, based on muscular and neuroanatomy, and is not a   "massage", even though targeted massage is the instrument for muscle   release. You can feel the results almost as you go, and they   "stick". It also takes a therapist with good hands who can diagnose   properly. I had looked long and wide for someone who did this correctly - I   had effective NMT on the east coast, and Linda was the first (and so far   only) one I found out here, even though many use the NMT label. I had   achilles tendinitis, which everyone else tells you to stretch and rest, but   it didn't go way after 6 weeks of that. It essentially vanished after 2   sessions with Linda, releasing the tight muscles (that you don't feel as   tight until she presses on them) attached to the tendon. She also stays in   very close contact during therapy, and is unusually dedicated to your   well-being. Run, don't walk, to Linda Romano. 
  • (If you can't run, you'll be able to after seeing her!)


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